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Tales from a Sydney Harpist

About becoming the Sydney Harpist that I am today…

Hello. Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Eva Murphy. My husband and I permanently relocated to Sydney, Australia awhile back, from the U.S., on a special kind of visa that converts to permanent residency in just another couple of years. While my husband and I have loved our life here so far, we can’t wait to forever become Aussies-by-choice! We love this beautiful country and this gorgeous city. Sydney has long been our dream home, after several enchanting, long-term visits. We have easily made a number of good friends here. We have found Aussies to be friendly, kind, open, fun, and refreshingly fair-minded.

About my harps…

Before coming to Australia, I was somehow under the impression that harps might be scarce here. In the States, I played an antique harp that sounded glorious, but was perhaps too fragile to last for many more years without a major restoration.

Interestingly, there are not yet any harp repair specialists in all of Australia who belong to the International Harp Technicians Guild, which certifies that a technician is able to perform all types of maintenance services and repairs on a harp. There are a couple of harp technicians who come to Australia once every couple of years and spend a week, doing only minor tweaking of a few harps in each major city. Australian harpists can wait for years before their harps have access to minor maintenance that could easily be performed much more frequently for harpists in other countries.

Australian harps must be shipped overseas for major and minor repairs. This is why serious harpists in Australia own more than one harp. Harps are the most fragile of all of the instruments (and surprisingly complex, with over 2000 moving parts hidden inside of them), so my owning the most reliable harps possible was a priority for me. Not yet knowing that I could move to Australia and choose new harps right here in Sydney, or custom-order harps through a Sydney harp dealer, I searched for over a year in the U.S. for two of the most beautiful, sturdy, reliable and resonant harps available.

Since over 90% of the harps in the world are made in the U.S., I had a large selection that I could try out in person. I looked for two harps that boasted not only the best sound, but also the most versatile style, so that I could offer a beautiful appearance to suit every event and every setting, every occasion and every style of decor. I currently perform on a stunning, recently fully restored, ornately carved antique harp made in 1910, completely covered in 24-carat gold leaf. I also play a new, sleek, black-lacquered harp in a modern, sculpted design. Both harps can be easily amplified for large events or noisy environments.

I take either of these harps anywhere, all over Sydney, indoors as well as outdoors. My harps I and are quickly getting around all parts of the greater Sydney area! In fact, I may already be acquainted with your event location. I can’t wait to bring my harp to your event!

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